Watch This Mammoth Of An NFL Draft Prospect Perform An Impossible Gymnastics Routine

(YouTube screenshot: Macomb News Now)

Jena Greene Reporter
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There used to be a point in time where things made sense in football.

The Eagles were unstoppable, Tom Brady didn’t listen to the haters, and defensive tackles didn’t also do gymnastics.

Well, all three of those former facts have been blown up this week, but we’re only here to discuss the defensive tackle (thank goodness). (RELATED: NFL Divisional Wrap Up: Here Are The Best Moments You May Have Missed)

Western Illinois senior and NFL draft prospect Khalen Saunders, who clocks in at 320 pounds, has been getting some recognition ahead of the Senior Bowl next week. And for good reason. It’s not just because he’s an absolute unit. It’s because he oddly has the agility of a 14-year-old doing the floor routine:

He also happens to have hands?

This just goes to show you that football is never done. It constantly evolves. We’re seeing more and more tackles, linemen and even quarterbacks become more dynamic players. Guys that are 300+ pounds are also freak of nature athletes. Rising star quarterbacks are way more durable and able to take hits, à la Cam Newton. And some of them are even capable of poking fun at their former arrests.

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