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I love riding my bike. I have found it to be the most convenient way to get around Washington, D.C. (at least in my experience, since there is no way I will ever ride one of those electric scooters). Of course, riding a bike in such a high-traffic city does come with real risk (which is why I always wear a helmet).

Quite a bit of that risk comes from rear-end collisions. Forty percent of bike accidents are rear-end collisions, and they can account for an even greater proportion of the danger when you consider that you have just about zero control in such situations.

There is at least one way you can seriously reduce your risk of getting hit from behind: a brake light. Recently, I had the privilege of trying the Proton R60 brake light. And let me tell you, it is best in class by far when it comes to this sort of thing.

Normally $48, this brake light is 54 percent off (Photo via Night Provision)

Normally $48, this brake light is 54 percent off (Photo via Night Provision)

Proton R60 Motion Sensing Bike Brake Light on sale for $21.95

Unlike other brake lights that you have to activate in some way, this revolutionary product functions exactly as a car light does. That is, as soon as you start slowing down, this light goes on, signaling your decelerating motion to any vehicle behind you. I found that this had the real-world effect of getting the cars behind me to brake as well, almost immediately. I could easily see how the Proton R60 could be the difference between life and death.

Another aspect I want to highlight about the Proton R60 is just how bright it is. Powered by dual LEDs, it delivers a full 60 lumens of light. That is brighter than most car taillights! Eighty percent of bike accidents occur during the daytime, and this light had the effect of shining through even when it was light out.

The light was also effective in the night and even, for me, when it was getting gray and started to snow. After using this brake light for almost a month, it is hard for me to find anything negative to say about it. The light is rechargeable (and can last for up to 30 hours on one charge, depending on which of the four modes you are using). The only thing I will say is that it uses micro-USB instead of USB-C, which is not a problem right now, but means that the product is not exactly future-proofed. Still, if that is the only negative I could identify, you can see how strongly I recommend this product for all bikers like me.


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