Chris Cuomo Disappoints Ladies On ‘The View’: ‘I Don’t See Prosecutions’ Coming From Mueller

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got some disappointed looks from around the table when he announced on ABC’s “The View” Thursday that he didn’t see prosecutions coming from the Mueller probe.


“This is why Don [Lemon] started calling me ‘Both Sides Cuomo,'” he began. “Here’s why. Because I don’t see prosecutions as the eventual outcome of the Mueller probe.” (RELATED: Chris Cuomo: Mueller’s Office Did Not ‘Do The Media Any Favors,’ Helped Trump Out)

Cuomo quickly qualified his answer, noting that he was not necessarily in a position to know the outcome:

I could be wrong. I’m open to it. It happens on a daily basis. I see a report coming out that is damning in terms of wrongdoing, things that people knew were wrong and did anyway, things that the president knew about and wasn’t honest about with the American people — which I believe should be the bar of accountable behavior for the highest elected official in the land — not criminality so if he didn’t commit a felony, it’s ok? That’s not our standard.

Cuomo acknowledged, however, that particularly on the Left, there was another standard in play. “But there’s a bar of satisfaction on the left that the presidency must end after this,” he said.

“Just a little bar,” Abby Huntsman agreed.

“‘He must be impeached. He must be gone after this,'” Cuomo continued. “I tell people to slow their roll on that, not because the concern isn’t legitimate, but the process is all votes.”

Joy Behar argued that, at least in her mind, President Donald Trump should already be gone. “We know we have a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence on emoluments, witness tampering, collusion, obstruction of justice right to our face. Why is he still there?”

Joy Behar and Chris Cuomo appear on ABC's "The View," 1/24/2019. Screen Shot/ABC

Joy Behar and Chris Cuomo appear on ABC’s “The View,” 1/24/2019. Screen Shot/ABC

Cuomo responded by explaining that the process is still important: “This is a political process. We know that the guidance from the DOJ is you don’t indict a sitting president. Has Mueller asked for different guidance? We don’t think so. Has Rosenstein asked for different guidance? We don’t think so.”

Behar continued in the same vein, however, asking whether Trump would be jailed or impeached if he “shot someone on 5th Avenue” — to which Cuomo replied that he thought impeachment would be likely, followed by an indictment.

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