Detroit Lions Linebacker Trevor Bates Charged With Assaulting A Police Officer

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Detroit Lions linebacker Trevor Bates might be in some serious trouble after a recent arrest.

TMZ reported the following Saturday:

Law enforcement sources tell us … Bates hailed a cab in Manhattan and was taken to his hotel in Queens, and the fare totaled $32.06. We’re told, he told the driver he didn’t have cash or a card and took off … so the driver called the police.

We’re also told before Bates attacked the sergeant at the station, he said, “I want to punch you in the face” … then did exactly that.

Our sources say Bates has now officially been charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, along with theft of services.

If these charges turn out to be true, then Bates is in some seriously hot water. He plays in the NFL. There’s no reason for this situation to allegedly escalate over a $32 taxi ride. Are you kidding me?

That’s absurd. If you’re in the NFL and don’t have the means to pay for a taxi ride, then you have messed up beyond words.


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The real bad news for Bates is that he’s not talented enough to keep around if he’s going to be this kind of distraction.

It’s not like he’s Matthew Stafford or Marvin Jones. The dude could be replaced tomorrow if necessary, and the Lions wouldn’t drop off one bit. (RELATED: One Stat Shows The Pathetic State Of The Detroit Lions)

Guys like that shouldn’t be out there getting arrested. It’s not good for their job security.


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We’ll have to wait and see how this situation works itself out, but I have a feeling Bates might be looking for a new team sooner than later.

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