Man (Who Has Never Learned CPR) Saves Woman’s Life Using Knowledge He Picked Up From ‘The Office’

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Jena Greene Reporter
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A man in Arizona is responsible for saving a woman’s life using only the skills he picked up from “The Office.”

Cross Scott, who, as it turns out, has no relation to Michael Scott, claims he drove by a car with its hazards on the afternoon of January 11. The driver appeared to be in distress, so he decided to stop and see if he could help. (RELATED: Here’s How A Former Star From ‘The Office’ Reacted When Her Photo Was Used In A Dating App)

He discovered a woman inside, unconscious and slumped over her steering wheel. Her face was turning blue from a clear lack of oxygen. He broke the window to access her but had no idea what to do.

Scott recognized she needed CPR, but he had no formal training. The only contact he’d had with the procedure was from watching “The Office,” where all the Dunder Mifflin employees must learn the life-saving technique, set to the tune of the Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive.”


“I’ve never prepared myself for CPR in my life,” he told the Tuscon Daily Star. “I had no idea what I was doing.”

But apparently, he had enough of an idea what he was doing because after about 60 seconds, the woman vomited and regained consciousness. Paramedics arrived on scene 10 minutes later. But if it had not been for Scott, she could have died.

Scott, who works as a technician for a local body shop, then went back to work, finished his shift and visited the woman in the hospital as soon as he was done.

“All I could think about was picturing her face,” he explained. “I had to make sure she was okay. That’s the only reason why I went to the hospital.”

And as if this story couldn’t get any more powerful … here it comes. Scott, 21, quit school when his mother died of cancer when he was just 16 years old to help his father support their family. And those values have stayed with him ever since.

“When my mom got sick and my little sister started growing up, I looked at females a lot differently,” he explained of his heroic deed. “Now, when I look at a girl, I imagine, what if that was my sister on the side of the road or my mom on the side of the road? Unfortunately, my mom isn’t here to see that, but it’s mainly for her. To be honest, it’s all for her.”

Now, he wants to finish school and attend college to become an engineer. And the woman he saved can also go on to live a fruitful life … she’s already been released from the hospital.

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