Rams Coach Wade Phillips Wears Cowboy Hat To The Super Bowl

Wade Phillips (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Los Angeles defensive coordinator Wade Phillips rocked an incredible outfit as he departed for the Super Bowl Sunday.

Phillips rocked a cowboy hat and his father’s old jacket. It was an awesome outfit.

I can’t tell if he’s on his way to play the Patriots or if he just got off the set of “Yellowstone.” You can see his look below:

He’s he getting ready to win a football game or is he going to herd some cattle? I’m honestly not sure. I’m not sure one bit. It’s a total toss-up.

There’s confidence, and then there’s whatever Phillips has here. I don’t know what the lines are on the Super Bowl, but oddsmakers might want to factor in his supreme confidence to rock a cowboy hat and that jacket. (RELATED: The Patriots Will Face The Rams In The Super Bowl)

As a wise man once told me, you don’t have to say anything when you enter a room wearing a cowboy hat. The hat tells the room everything there is to know.

I hope someday in my life, I have enough swagger to pull off that look by Phillips. Just an incredible outfit all the way around.

If you disagree, then you probably don’t understand the lifestyle those of us who own cowboy hats live. Get on board, or get out of the way.

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