Anne Hathaway Reveals Terrifying Details About Her Struggles With An Eating Disorder

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Anne Hathaway discussed her harrowing experience with an eating disorder in a shocking interview this week.

Hathaway, who stars in the new thriller “Serenity,” out in theaters now, claims her start in Hollywood was exceedingly difficult. (RELATED: Anne Hathaway Thinks She Does This One Thing Way Better When She’s Blonde)

“I did everything so wrong for so long,” the actress told PEOPLE Magazine Wednesday, adding she struggled with, “feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and nervousness and anxiety.”


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“I’m not big on looking back,” she continued, “But I remember 10 years ago being so scared going into the whole awards season and doing what I thought I was supposed to do, so I barely ate anything at Christmas … I thought movie stars had to have a certain body. I was just smoking — just smoking my nerves away and wasn’t nourishing myself.”

But Hathaway reassures her fans that she’s doing much better to improve her overall health now.

“I just figured out how to say thank you to life by taking care of myself,” she added. “By not apologizing for taking up space, which is not something I knew how to do 10 years ago.”

In a related Instagram posted this week, Hathaway also addressed her struggles on Instagram this week, claiming she was “trying so hard not to do anything wrong,” in 2009. But that decade in between taught her to do “what feels right.”

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