RNC Chair: Democrats ‘Want Porous Borders To Help Get Voters’

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Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel explained that Democrats likely “want porous borders” in order to “help get voters.”

During a Saturday night Fox News appearance on “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” McDaniel praised President Trump for “doing something that Democrats aren’t doing” by “listening” to agents on the ground. She then responded to host Jeanine Pirro’s question about why the left just sits “on their hands” on the issue with an answer many conservatives have suspected all along.


“They want porous borders,” said McDaniel. “I do think that they want porous borders to help get voters. I think they feel like if they have porous borders and they bring these people into this country and they show that they will let them in that they’ll be voters for them in the future.”

Explaining that it changes the electoral map,” McDaniel noted that the state of California “now counts non-citizens in their census,” which “inflates their congressional representation.” (RELATED: Trump: Pelosi ‘Wants Open Borders’ And ‘Doesn’t Mind Human Trafficking)

“This is a power play that Democrats have made,” she said. “It’s certainly not about the working men and women in this country.”

“And the president is saying legal immigration is great,” McDaniel concluded. “We have more jobs right now than there are people to fill it. Let’s fix legal immigration and illegal immigration so we can bring people in based on merit. Democrats used to agree. It’s ridiculous they are standing down in an important issue, and it’s making our country less safe.”

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