‘Do You Believe This?’ — Trump Hands Backhanded Compliment To CNN In Tweet Touting Syria Progress

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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President Donald Trump implied in a Sunday afternoon tweet that his administration’s policy in Syria has been so successful, even CNN has been forced to report on it.

“The U.S. will soon control 100% of ISIS territory in Syria. @CNN (do you believe this?),” Trump tweeted.

By mentioning the network, Trump seemed to be referring to this CNN article from Saturday detailing the U.S.-backed Kurdish force’s drive into the “last Syrian territory held by ISIS.”

The final territory controlled by fighters of the so-called Islamic State was in the small town of Baghouz Al-Fawqani, just west of an earthen berm on the outskirts of the village where US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces started their push.

Initial reports from the front lines — about 1.5 kilometers (just under a mile) from where a CNN team was reporting — were that there was little resistance from ISIS. There are some ISIS fighters, CNN heard from SDF commanders, who want to surrender and others who want to fight until the death.

Trump stated in December that his “only reason” for being in Syria was to ultimately defeat ISIS, the demise of which became a key reason for the  announced withdrawal from the country. (RELATED: Trump Decided To Withdraw From Syria After Stumping John Bolton With One Question)

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