Virginia Democrat Won’t File Impeachment Articles Against Fairfax After Announcing He Would


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Virginia Democratic Del. Patrick Hope is reneging on a promise to introduce articles of impeachment against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

Hope had promised to introduce the resolution in the House of Delegates after multiple women accused Fairfax of sexual assault last week. In a statement released Monday morning, Hope promised to continue to stand up for Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson, the two woman who accused Fairfax of sexual assault, while ripping Fairfax for his continued refusal to step down. (RELATED: VA State Delegate Announces Plans To File Articles Of Impeachment Against Fairfax)

“Lt. Governor Fairfax should have already resigned,” Hope said. “It is atrocious that he will be presiding over the Senate of Virginia today with these allegations. The message being sent to victims of sexual assault is chilling.”

Hope claimed that feedback from other members of the Democratic caucus convinced him to hold back on pursuing impeachment while “additional conversations” take place.

“The purpose of the additional time is so that we can find the best process to investigate these crimes with the broadest possible support,” Hope said. “The impeachment process is about investigating to find the truth. I am open to discussions on other avenues that would accomplish the same goals.”

Fairfax has maintained his innocence and refused calls from local and national Democrats to resign. The Lt. governor will take part in his customary duties and preside over the state senate Monday.

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