Maduro Calls Trump Administration An ‘Extremist Group’ Working In The Interests Of ‘The KKK’

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Nick Sherman Contributor
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In an interview with the BBC, Venezuelan president claims that a “political war” is taking place within the United States which helps the interests of the “extreme right” and “the Klu Klux Klan.”

“It’s a political war of the United States empire,” Maduro said in the interview, “of the interests of the extreme right that today is governing — of the Ku Klux Klan — that rules the White House, to take over Venezuela.”

Maduro also claimed that President Donald Trump had “stimulated the fascist tendencies, neofascists, neo-Nazis within the United States” and the “extremists” in the United States manufactured this crisis as a pretense to invade Venezuela. (RELATED: Fearing Invasion, Maduro Blocks Bridge And Foreign To Venezuela)

When asked if Trump is a “white supremacist,” Maduro stated, “He is, openly and publically.”

“They hate us Latin Americans, Central Americans, Mexicans, Venezuelans — they hate us, belittle us, they hate the entire world because they only believe in their own interests,” Maduro continued.

He also lambasted many European countries who questioned his presidency.

This interview comes after many European and Latin American Nations, along with the United States, declared Juan Guiado as interim president earlier this month after concerns over Venezuela’s allegedly unfair election.

Trump was the first major leader to publicly denounce Maduro as Venezuela’s president when he issued a statement calling for elections and signing an executive order preventing the Venezuelan president from earning money from certain entities.

“It’s unfortunate that Europe, after being kicked by Donald Trump, are now behind Donald Trump,” Maduro said of the European countries which contest his presidency. “Everything that they say is a lie.”

Some countries have also imposed sanctions on Venezuela; for example, the Bank of England is withholding Venezuelan gold.

Also in his interview, Maduro cited John Lennon while asking the British people to support him: “To all the people of the United Kingdom, to have solidarity with us and support peace, and to enforce John Lennon’s song, Give Peace A Chance.”