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Afternoon Mirror: Lefty Reporter Makes An Unbelievably Vulgar Hand Gesture To NBC News

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Quote of the Day:

“I’ve decided I’m not going to say things like ‘karma’s a bitch,’ because it just sounds like you want that person to die and I don’t want anyone to die except for a few people.” 

Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag.


“Reached a new level of OCD when I added ‘make to-do list for tomorrow’ to my to-do list for tonight.” — Seung Min Kim, White House reporter, Washington Post.

Lefty reporter makes unbelievable gesture 

“*hand making jerking off motion*”

Oliver Willis, senior reporter, ShareBlue.

He was responding to this from NBC News:

“NEW: White House Correspondents’ Association ‘condemns the physical attack on our colleague at the president’s rally in El Paso’ and calls for President Trump to ‘make absolutely clear to his supporters that violence against reporters is unacceptable.'” — NBC News on the BBC cameraman getting attacked at a President Trump rally in El Paso.

John Roberts, FNC White House reporter: “So – it finally happened. A journalist was attacked at a @realDonaldTrump rally.”

Observation from the Fox Newser who joked about not washing his hands 

“If the last 48 hours have taught my anything, it’s that the internet is full of uptight & self-important people who take themselves waaaay too seriously—and take everything literally. Lighten up people. Get a sense of humor. All is well. Trump is our President!” — Pete Hegseth, co-host, Fox & Friends. (RELATED: The Dirtiest Part Of An Airpot May Be Pete Hegseth’s Hands) 

Joan Walsh ‘shivers’ at thought of Trump having a dog

“…It makes me shiver to imagine Franklin — or Sadie — with Donald Trump, I gotta say.” — Joan Walsh, The Nation, CNN. Trump announced at a rally this week that he can’t imagine having a dog at the White House, despite people telling him he should have one.

“The part of twitter I’m going to hate over the next two years is the snickering at truly unimportant things candidates do. We have Trump in office. You’d think that would focus the mind. But gotta get your cynical tweet out first!” — Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress.

‘Cindy McCain Is Perfect’ 

ABC’s “The View” co-host Meghan McCain takes a break from fighting with Joy Behar to celebrated Grandma Roberta’s 107th birthday over the weekend. 

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Can attest to the fact that Mrs. McCain is very proud of her granddaughter @MeghanMcCain (and she also has told me multiple times that Meghan’s mother,her daughter in law, Cindy is ‘perfect.’)

MEGHAN MCCAIN: She loves you so much Greta – thank you for your longtime friendship to her and our family

Maui gets snow 

“Oh, my God. Snow has fallen on #Maui for the first time in history.” — Bette Midler.

Townhall editor wished she’d had a gun to protect her from her date rapist

Beth Baumann, an associate editor at Townhall, posted this last night. 

“Since anti-gunners want to give @noleforjustice a hard time for being a rape survivor who wants to use her #2A rights to protect herself, I feel compelled to share a bit of my story.

My dad was LEO so guns were in the house since I was little. I was taught to respect guns, never touch them & always ask questions. In my late tweens/early teens my dad made me go to the gun range with him.

He thought it was “time” and that I was “ready” because I had a healthy fear of firearms. I knew the damage they can & do cause. But he wanted me to be confident around a gun in case I ever needed to use one.

I remember the first shot I took. I was so freaked out and scared. I shook. I reluctantly handed the firearm back to him & told him I was done. I didn’t think I’d ever be one who wanted to shoot guns, although I had no problem with 2A or people owning them.

He pushed me just enough to try again. I took a deep breath and trusted myself. Eventually I got over the recoil & fear. Range time became the one thing we bonded over & still do to this day.

It took a LOT of therapy & a LOT of soul searching for me to learn how to open up about what happened. There was a lot of shame. I felt I didn’t fight enough (even though I did). I thought I let it happen (even though I didn’t). And I blamed myself (even though I shouldn’t have).

…I truly believe that if I could legally own a handgun at 18 & college campuses allowed it, I would have had a firearm with me on that tragic day. I would have an option to defend myself. Whether or not I’d draw the firearm, no one will ever know.”

Gossip Roundup

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CNN’s Ana Navarro and Trump adviser Roger Stone fight like pigs. Here.

TMZ catches up with AOC on Capitol Hill. The gist: She doesn’t oppose weed. Here.

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Today in Unnecessary Tweeting

“Be honest, do portobello mushrooms deserve their fancy reputation, or are they basically pretty similar to the other mushrooms? Like are our ideas about mushroom cuisine more socially determined than other vegetables? I think there was even a Portlandia skit along these lines but I’m serious.” — Ari Melber, host, MSNBC.

Writer is afraid of elderly people on airplanes 

“There are a lot of elderly people on my flight tonight and I am concerned that it’s destination Heaven.” — Nathaniel Friedman, writer, GQ.