Watch As Trump Stops Mid-Press Conference, Tells Angel Mom To Stand Up And Face The Press

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Jacob Orgel Contributor
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During his speech from the Rose Garden declaring a national emergency Friday, President Donald Trump added emphasis to his premise by asking an “angel mom” to stand up and face the press.

“They don’t want what happened to their children, their husband, or anybody … ” Trump began before looking directly at the widowed wife of a man who was recently murdered.

“Please, stand up. Your husband was just killed, in Maryland.” he said. “Incredible man, just killed. Beautiful children, won’t be seeing their father again.”

The president went on to explain that he will be signing into action a national emergency providing for billions of dollars in funding for a wall at the United States’ southern border.

Trump repeatedly referred back to “angel parents” throughout his speech and press conference, later directing Jim Acosta to the “incredible women who lost their daughters and their sons,” in reference to the CNN reporter’s question about whether the president believes he is “creating a national emergency.”

Promoting the narrative of the men and women who have lost children and significant others to immigrants illegally in the United States has been a staple of Trump’s push for border security in the past few months.

Indications surfaced yesterday that the president planned to declare a national emergency in the wake of signing the bipartisan border security bill that was passed by the House last night, with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade reporting that Trump had freed up $8 billion from various government agencies to finance the wall.