‘Reliable Sources’ Guest Blamed Celebs For Stirring Up Smollett Story — But Stephen Miller Has Receipts

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Pundit Stephen Miller pushed back — with evidence — when “Reliable Sources” guest Liz Plank argued on Sunday that Jussie Smollett’s version of events was primarily pushed by celebrities rather than legitimate news sources or media outlets.

CNN host Brian Stelter responded to Plank’s claim, asking, “So you’re saying actors and activists who were rushing to his side because they were friends with him and they support him are not the same as Chicago reporters who are trying to find out what happened?”

Miller (also known as @Redsteeze) fired back at Stelter via Twitter, pointing out several news stories in The Washington Post that had addressed the alleged attack as if Smollett’s assertions were not still being investigated.

Miller went on to give the same treatment to The New York Times.

Not to mention the politicians who jumped on board as well.

Miller concluded with a dig at several reporters — one from CNN — who flanked Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris as she campaigned in South Carolina Saturday, pausing at a boutique to “insist” that she try on a sequined jacket and share photos of the entire thing. (RELATED: Pundits Call Out Reporters Who Helped Kamala Harris Shop While Covering Her Campaign)

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume also critiqued the reporters over the shopping excursion.

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