Twitter Exchange Between Kirsten Gillibrand And Donald Trump Jr. Ends With Fundraising Appeal

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Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, used a Donald Trump Jr. tweet on Tuesday to direct viewers to her campaign donation website.

It all started with a Tuesday morning tweet from the senator relating her role as a mother to her campaign positions.

“Some might say that running unabashedly as a mom is risky,” Gillibrand tweeted Tuesday. “Not to me. Parents have skin in the game for the country we leave to our kids—that’s why I’m fighting for paid leave, healthcare and climate action. I’ll fight for every kid like they’re my own.”

Trump Jr. responded to Gillibrand’s tweet with a sardonic, “said no one ever… if you think running as a parent is edgy delete your account and your campaign.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr., Others Slam Jussie Smollett, Media Coverage Surrounding Alleged Trump Supporter Perpetrated Hate Crime)

Gillibrand’s response simply included a link to her campaign donation website:

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