This Political Ad Bashes HR 1’s Funding Of Campaign Ads

screenshot, Mark Walker ad

Phillip Stucky Contributor

Alabama Republican Rep. Mark Walker shared a political ad Friday that lambastes H.R.1, a key provision of House Democrats’ first legislative measure.

“Oh, hey there. I’m a politician,” the unnamed man in the ad says. “Attempting to do human things so that I look relatable. You know how you hate political ads? Well, guess what? You’re paying for this one!”

“This week, House Democrats will pass H.R.1. They’re calling it the ‘For the People Act,'” the ad continues. “But really, it’s for my campaign consultants. You know, I work hard, and so should you. Because H.R.1. is going to take your hard earned tax dollars, and millions more, and send them to my campaign so I can put ads on TV.”

The measure addresses multiple issues and has provisions that would create a code of ethics for the Supreme Court, mandate that any presidential candidate be required to submit tax returns, and overhaul the way small campaigns obtain funds. (RELATED: McConnell Shuts Down Reporter Over HR1)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy published a video slamming the measure as well, calling the legislation out on the same provisions that Walker’s ad does, but going further to discuss the problems with automatically using DMV records to create voter registration rolls.