The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer Defends Her Fox News Piece Amid Backlash

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Jane Mayer of The New Yorker defended her story about the relationship between the Trump administration and Fox News after a former Fox News editor levied accusations of journalistic malfeasance on Friday evening.

She characterized former Fox News editor Ken LaCorte’s criticism of her as “unfounded.”

Mayer alleged in her report earlier this week that Fox News opted not to publish a story about the 2016 alleged affair between President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels because higher-ups at Fox News were trying to protect Trump from the scandal.

She claimed that Diana Falzone, a former reporter, confirmed that the affair occurred with Daniels’ manager and ex-husband.

However, LaCorte published an opinion piece in Mediaite on Friday explaining why he didn’t publish the story, claiming that there was a lack of corroborating evidence. (RELATED: CNN’s Stelter Says Dems Are ‘Dehumanized’ On Fox News After DNC Blacklists Network)

“A week before publication, I received a few phone calls from a New Yorker fact checker confirming my quotes,” LaCorte’s piece reads. “Her last one was a surprise, asking me to confirm or deny what they heard from a secondhand source, alleging I had told our reporter it was ‘good reporting’ but we shelved it because of Rupert Murdoch’s politics. I neither said nor even thought that because neither of those things was true.”

Mayer pushed back on LaCorte’s claims. She tweeted, “This complaint is unfounded. I interviewed LaCorte extensively, quoted him 4 times, included his assertion that Falcone’s story ‘hadn’t passed muster.’ Any claim I didn’t tell his side is false. Falzone can’t defend herself – she’s under an NDA, but 3 sources corroborate her.

Mayer later tweeted a statement from Falzone’s attorney accusing LaCorte and Fox News employee Howard Kurtz of defamation. Her lawyer asked for Rupert Murdoch to release Falzone from her non-disclosure agreement.

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