Rep. Sean Duffy Calls Out CNN’s Chris Cuomo For Media Bias On Russia Collusion


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Rep. Sean Duffy called out CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night for his network’s role in promoting the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Duffy noted that special counsel Robert Mueller spent two years investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and did not charge a single person for colluding. Duffy called the results “great news” for President Donald Trump and added that “it’s time to celebrate.”

The Wisconsin Republican turned his sights on the media, telling Cuomo, “We spent two years speculating.”

“What I think you want to know is, who duped us?” Duffy said. “You’ve been talking about this for over two years. You should say, who actually set this up?”

“You guys are supposed to figure that out,” Cuomo claimed.


“What you guys did is you reported on it,” Duffy countered. “You took all these salacious reports, you know, of all of this scandal and for two years. And you’ve gotta say, analyze how we get our information … I look at the American people and they go, ‘Do I trust the media? Do I trust the Democrats who have been pounding this story that’s absolutely false?'”

Cuomo blamed the president for Duffy’s perception of the media, citing Trump’s constant criticism of the press.

“If the media was doing its job they would be far more skeptical,” Duffy said. “You’re the reporters and you have a job to make sure you’re putting out the right facts. You put out the wrong facts.”

“What wrong facts did we put out?” Cuomo asked.

CNN published several false stories related to Russian collusion over the past two years, including their debunked claim that Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was under investigation for alleged ties to Russia. Three CNN journalists resigned over the story. (RELATED: Media’s Russia ‘Bombshells’ Look Even Worse Now That Mueller Found No Collusion)

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