Quintez Cephus Is Off Wisconsin’s Football Team, Awaits Trial On Sexual Assault Charges

(Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Star wide receiver Quintez Cephus is officially no longer a part of the Wisconsin Badgers.

Cephus was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault back in August after he allegedly assaulted two different women. His trial is set for July, and he’s obviously presumed innocent until proven guilty. If convicted, he could get several decades behind bars. (RELATED: College Football Star Faces Decades In Prison. The Allegations Are Absolutely Horrific)

He had previously been suspended from all football activity. Now, he’s officially been removed from the team. When the spring roster was released Wednesday, the ultra-athletic receiver wasn’t on it. He’s also no longer enrolled at the school.

As I said above, he’s innocent until proven guilty. That’s the beauty of the American justice system, and we should all be very happy that’s the standard. You don’t want to be living in a world where the standard is the opposite.

If he’s found guilty of assaulting these two women, then he deserves everything coming his way. Him leaving school was only a matter of time because this case just seems to drag on.

It’s also probably a good thing he left from a PR perspective for the team. The last thing in the world the Badgers want to be dealing with is one of their players being dogged by multiple sexual assault charges. (RELATED: College Football Star Sues University Following Suspension For Alleged Sexual Assault)

I have no idea how this will end when it goes to trial. I just know that it’s been talked about a lot back home, and the school would love it if that came to a quick end.

For a guy who once upon a time looked like a future NFL player, I’m not sure he’ll ever play a snap of major college football again, even if he’s found innocent.

Hopefully, the justice system gets to the bottom of what happened and the appropriate conclusion is reached.

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