American Sports Gambling Market Is Made Up Of 22 Percent Of The Population 21 Or Older

[Shutterstock - Lim Yong Hian]

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A new study shines a fascinating light on sports gambling in the United States.

According to a study from Heart + Mind Strategies, 22 percent of Americans ages 21 and older make up the sports gambling market as either “casual” or “core” bettors.

As a bit of a gambler myself, I love these numbers. Absolutely love them. It’s just another sign that sports gambling is becoming more and more accepted.

Why wouldn’t it be? Sports betting is insanely fun and it makes all the games way more interesting. It’s 2019, and it’s time to just accept the reality that sports gambling is popular.

The fact that over 1/5 of the country is viewed as the market just goes to show that I’m correct. Look, you’re not living life if you’re not wagering your next rent payment on March Madness. (RELATED: The March Madness Bracket Has Been Released)

Betting, sports and beer are about as American as it can get. Either get on board with progress, or get the hell out of our way.

Those are the only two options. When it comes to sports gambling, the line in the sand has been drawn.

As for those already on the correct side of history, welcome to the winning team. I’m happy to have you all on board.

Now, let’s get back to examining our wagers for the remaining NCAA tournament games.