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Katie Kocsis Contributor
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As much as I enjoy living on my own at college, I love going home. Part of the reason I love it is I get to cook and bake; all good things I can’t do at school. In our kitchen at home, my parents have an Echo Show. It makes cooking so much easier. All I have to do is say is ask Alexa to bring up a certain recipe, and the Echo Show will display it right there on the screen. I can also listen to all my favorite music while a recipe is up on the screen. You can even make video calls to anyone with Skype, the Alexa app, or another Echo Show. It’s the most practical kitchen accessory, in my opinion.

See recipes, make skype calls, and more with Amazon's new and improved Echo Show (Photo via Amazon)

See recipes, make skype calls, and more with Amazon’s new and improved Echo Show (Photo via Amazon)

This Amazon Echo Show is now on sale for $40 off its normal sales price so now is the time to buy 

Amazon is currently selling the Echo Show Second Generation at 17% off its original price. Besides recipes and music, you can even watch movies off of your Amazon account. When I was home, my entire family sat around our Echo Show and searched movie trailers off YouTube. I don’t know how I made it through all those years in the kitchen with spotty radio and trying to read recipes off my phone. This is the perfect item for your kitchen. Buy yours for $189.99 today.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

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