Keep Your Car Clean With This Leather Organizer For 35% Off

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Keeping your car clean when you spend so much time driving around can seem impossible. The Leather Car Console Side Pocket Organizer: 1 Pair is specially designed to hold all your essentials. Save 35% off this organizer in the Daily Caller shop today.

Tired of your car being a mess?

Tired of your car being a mess?

The Leather Car Console Side Pocket Organizer is 35 percent off in the Daily Caller Shop 

Store your cell phone, headphones, tablets, and all electronic devices in this organizer. Keep your coffee cup, thermos, water bottle, and any other beverage safe. Toys, books, playing cards, and random change can also fit in. The Leather Car Console Side Pocket Organizer has been reduced by $30.

The light brown leather case matches any interior and is easy to wipe off spills or crumbs. The metal clip prevents the organizer or its contents from sliding into the space between seats. The $58 sales price is the worth the cost of replacing something you might lose.

Keep yourself and your vehicle organized with the Leather Car Console Side Pocket Organizer: 1 Pair on sale in the Daily Caller shop. Save 35% for a final sales price of $58.

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