‘Hitman’ Arrives At Woman’s Front Door With A Package. It Ends Up Being A Big-Game Crossbow

Peel Regional Police Youtube

Nick Sherman Contributor
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Canadian police are searching for a possible hitman who allegedly attempted to murder a woman with a crossbow inside her home while posing as a delivery man.

The attack occurred last year on November 7, 2018 — the same day security camera footage of the alleged crime was discovered, police announced at a Monday press conference.

“This was not a random act. Comments that were made to the victim by the suspect indicate that the victim was targeted and the suspect may have carried out the attack at the request of another individual. It is clear that this attack was meant to end the victim’s life,” said superintendent Heather Ramore.

The suspect ran from the scene on foot after shooting the victim in the chest with a crossbow bolt that was designed for hunting large game such as moose or deer, according to the police report. (RELATED: Guy Tried To Barter Basketball Tickets With Hitman To Kill His Ex-Wife)

The 44-year-old victim survived the attack suffering “massive trauma, that was both life threatening and life altering,” according to Ramore.

Detective Seargent Jim Kettles said during the conference, “She will be in a recovery phase for the rest of her life. The injuries that she sustained were absolutely devastating.”

Investigators say that the suspect fled to a dark-colored pickup truck after the attack. The Peel Regional police asked citizens or anyone who has information on the suspect to come forward.