Wallace: If Mueller Found No Collusion ‘It Wouldn’t Have Taken 22 Months’

msnbc 4/18

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested Thursday that had there been no conspiring between President Donald Trump and the Russian government in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, it wouldn’t have taken the special counsel’s office 22 months to conclude that.


“Jim Comey made a great parallel to sort of reframe this. Imagine if he were the FBI director and then-President Obama were having all these contacts with the Iranian mullahs and there were five meetings and there were no notes and there was no note taker and the Iranian mullas were deeply involved and imagine if they didn’t investigate,” Wallace began. “What’s never been explained and what I hope we find an answer to is so there was no criminal conspiracy, a witting criminal conspiracy to collude with the Russians, then why did everyone lie?”

Wallace went on to question why many of the individuals who have been indicted who also have ties to Trump were caught lying about their contacts with Russia but not other countries.

“If we find out any new detail, any new sort of texture to what that relationship was like, and we know it wasn’t a criminal conspiracy with the Russians, but then what was it?” she continued. “Because Robert Mueller spent 22 months looking at it, and if there was nothing, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken 22 months to say nothing.” (RELATED: Mueller Finds No Collusion)

Wallace’s comments came minutes before Attorney General William Barr’s press conference to discuss the release of the Mueller report. During the press conference, Barr confirmed that Mueller did not find evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign.

Barr also suggested that there was no proof the president committed obstruction of justice.

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