April Ryan Takes Heat For Saying Sarah Sanders’ Head Should Be ‘Lopped Off,’ Then ‘Plays The Victim’

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CNN political analyst April Ryan caught heat from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and others for using a gruesome analogy while calling for White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to be fired.

“Not only does she not have credibility, she lied,” Ryan said on a CNN panel Thursday night, during a discussion about Sanders’ 2017 usage of the word “countless” when referring to FBI agents who had lost confidence in their former boss, James Comey.

“She out and out lied, and the people, the American people can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the president’s mouthpiece-spokesperson from the people’s house. Therefore, she should be let go. She should be fired, end of story,” she said. “When there was a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off. It’s fire me Thursday or fire me Good Friday. She needs to go.”


Huckabee, Sanders’ father, tweeted Friday night that Ryan’s “incitement to murder” should lead to a revocation of her White House credentials. (RELATED: Mitt Romney ‘Sickened’ And ‘Appalled’ By Mueller Report — Trump Supporters Sickened And Appalled By Him)

Ryan responded to Huckabee’s tweets by referring to something the former Arkansas governor joked about in 2017:

The comments Ryan referred to happened in response to so-called “pie-gate” back in 2017, when Ryan questioned the authenticity of a pie picture Sanders had tweeted. The former Arkansas governor was making a joke about Southern women and their “homemade pies.”

“Let me tell you something, she’s been making this pie for years,” Huckabee told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney. “Makes them for friends, but here’s the warning that I would issue. Stuart, don’t ever and I mean don’t ever mess with a Southern woman and her homemade pies. It is as dangerous as when you hear a Southern woman begin her sentence with ‘bless your heart.’ It means you’re about to be gutted like a deer and just don’t know it.”

Meanwhile, conservatives on Twitter weren’t falling for Ryan’s “unreal” attempt to “play the victim” game.

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