Turn Your Headphones Wireless With This Gadget For Under $20

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Wireless headphones are now the norm, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw your old headphones away. Turn them wireless with the world’s smallest Bluetooth receiver! The Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver connects to your headphones so you can leave your smartphone in your pocket. The micro receiver is on sale for 60% off in the Daily Caller shop now.

Normally $50, this bluetooth receiver is 60 percent off

Normally $50, this bluetooth receiver is 60 percent off

Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver on sale for $19.99

This minimalist, feather-weight receiver connects to your headphones so you can keep your smartphone or music player in your pocket. Meaning, this small device makes your headphones wireless, so you don’t have to deal with tangled wires disrupting your listening experience anymore. Even better, you won’t deal with the frustration of disconnecting — as you walk or exercise — thanks to a built-in shirt clip that secures it.

The tiny Bluetooth receiver also lets you control volume and music playback. So, if you’re taking a call and can’t hear what the other person is saying, it allows you to increase volume with ease. Much in the same way, if someone near you is talking too loudly, you can quickly escape into your music with full control over playback settings. Coming with an AUX cable and a charging cable, the Atech Micro helps you get the most from your wired headphones (or earphones) while keeping a sleek, low profile.

Pick it up and transform your wired pair into a wireless one for $19.99, 60 percent off the original price, only in The Daily Caller Shop. Plus, save 10% with code MADMARCH10.

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