Don Jr: 2 Years Wasted By ‘Elitist, Liberal FBI’ Will Now Help Trump Win Again

The Daily Caller

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Donald Trump Jr. isn’t surprised about the response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, but he makes no attempt to hide his disgust for Democrats desperately trying to maintain the narrative.

“I think people will see it for the farce that it was,” Trump Jr. told The Daily Caller. “I think they’ll get that this thing was one big witch hunt orchestrated by the other side and an elitist, liberal FBI. It’ll probably be a net benefit [for 2020] because I don’t think anyone can walk away from that and not be somewhat disgusted with it. That said, it also cost two years where while there are incredible accomplishments – just think of the opportunity cost of what could have been done that wasn’t because they were dealing with this nonsense.”

Trump Jr. claimed he was old enough to remember when Robert Mueller was the “end-all, be-all and that’s what it was,” and now Democrats are scrambling to find a new Russia collusion messiah now that the report revealed no criminal conspiracy in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“Adam Schiff’s gonna be the savior! He’s the guy, cause you know he’s got the information that no one else has,” Trump Jr. scoffed.

Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle and Charlie Kirk spoke with the Caller about the Mueller report, the rising appeal of socialism for young people, and more in an exclusive interview prior to their TPUSA event at Penn State University. The event drew more than 700 attendees, many of which were students and others traveling from surrounding Pennsylvania counties. (RELATED: Exclusive Video: Trump Jr. And Guilfoyle Unleash On Hillary Clinton Over ‘Civility’ Comment)

Charlie Kirk added, “In 2017 they told us we’d have to appoint Mueller because he’s the end-all, be-all. In 2018, we said we have to protect Mueller. In 2019, now, they said Mueller’s not enough. This is a taxpayer-funded hit-job against a First Family and a president that has done nothing but serve us and deliver results.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor and co-host of Fox News’ The Five, praised President Trump for his “level of transparency and openness” throughout the investigation. Guilfoyle noted the president had an executive privilege over information, but chose to be fully cooperative with the investigation. She said, “Obviously, [the investigators] were very thorough, and they came up with nothing because there was no evidence of collusion just like they knew from the beginning.”

“What they’re trying to do now,” Trump Jr. told the Caller, “is anything to harass a president. What they want to do is go back through anything where they can find something and create an irregularity because they didn’t have that.”

Guilfoyle added, “They should be happy that an American president didn’t collude or wasn’t acting as a foreign agent with another country. You would think that would be a good outcome and a good determination, but they seem displeased and overwrought with emotion that he didn’t collude with the Russians. It’s unbelievable.”

Trump Jr. explained how “in the participation-medal generation, you get everything for free. You don’t actually have to do anything. You don’t have to have accountability. You don’t have to have a work ethic. Responsibility, God forbid.”

“[Socialism] sounds wonderful to someone who’s getting their Ph.D. in underwater basket weaving,” Trump Jr. said. “They’ve been in school for 15 years with no accountability and then they walk out and wonder why they can’t pay their college loan,” adding how “they want to be able to live in a carefree society and that unfortunately doesn’t jive with the real world.”

Kirk criticized college professors, as well, for teaching students a false narrative about socialism and the “futuristic utopia that just won’t exist.” He went on to explain how socialism has “been tried a hundred times for the last hundred years resulting in a 100 million civilians killed. That doesn’t count the famine or the other death; that’s just killed. Socialism has been the most catastrophic experiment in human history and somehow, we’re gonna get it right?”

“A major tenet of the Green New Deal is we’re gonna pay you even if you’re unwilling to work. Not unable to work, unwilling! I mean, think about this,” Trump Jr. told the Caller.

Guilfoyle slammed the proposal, saying, “It’s ridiculous!” (RELATED: Democratic Candidates Facing A ‘Woke Litmus Test’)

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported, “Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate dropped in March to the lowest rate on record” with rising payrolls. The news certainly boosts President Trump’s 2020 chances in the swing state, which went in his favor in 2016.

Trump Jr., a fishing and hunting enthusiast himself, lived in the Keystone State for nine years. During the primary and general election cycles, he “played a very big role,” according to Kirk, campaigning on his father’s behalf in the state.

“We did campus events like you wouldn’t believe. I went with Don to Pittsburgh. We did a whole day-and-a-half in Pittsburgh of Don going to local restaurants, doing local media,” Kirk told The Caller. “We actually went to Carnegie-Mellon University, did a little event there.”

Trump Jr., Kirk, and Guilfoyle agreed President Trump’s policies have positively impacted Pennsylvanians, especially its working class, blue-collar residents. Trump Jr. believes his father won Pennsylvania because “he had a message, he spoke with people not at people, and guess what since then I say our odds have to be better because he’s actually delivered on those promises. It’s not just political speak.”

Trump Jr. also cited prison reform as one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments thus far. Trump Jr. noted, “you have a president, a conservative president who took on and accomplished and got done prison reform. That’s a big deal. I mean that should have been a no-brainer for Obama.”

In addition to the Pennsylvania job report and prison reform, Kirk said, “you look at disabled unemployment at the lowest ever levels, which is amazing. Black unemployment, female unemployment, youth unemployment, Latino unemployment – these communities will suffer, they will get worse if you elect these politicians that quite honestly are promising stuff they know they can’t deliver.”

He was referring to candidates like Bernie Sanders, who Trump Jr. criticized for his consistent failure to get legislation passed. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Thinks Felons Should Be Able To Vote In Prison. Here’s What DC Residents Said)

Kirk continued by characterizing Trump’s presidency as “one of the great political miracles in American history” because he followed through on his promises. “Now, he can go back to the American people with a report card and say, ‘I made all your lives better. I made the world safer. I delivered all these economic metrics.’ I mean, it’s actually something we’ve never seen.”