No Nebraska Players Selected In NFL Draft

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William Davis Contributor
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For the first time in more than half a century, no Nebraska football players were taken in the NFL Draft.

This embarrassing statistic only goes to show how far the once-proud Cornhusker football program has fallen. On the heels of a 4-8 season, no Nebraska player heard their name called in this past weekend’s NFL draft for the first time since 1962. (RELATED: Iowa Sports Show Rips Out Nebraska’s Soul And Throws It In A Furnace)

How embarrassing.

I know Big Ten schools can’t be expected to compete for championships. After all, the conference has only won one national title in the past 17 years. But, Nebraska should still be better than this. (RELATED: The Big Ten Is A Disgrace. Here’s Why They’re So Bad)

Cornhuskers’ head coach Scott Frost has sure talked a big game, but hasn’t delivered since leaving UCF.

Yes, I know he’s only been there for one year, but Frost himself was the one talking championships. Instead, he went 4-8, lost at home to Troy, and couldn’t develop even one player worthy of being selected in the NFL draft.

It would be funny if it also wasn’t so sad.

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