Protesters Surround Venezuelan Embassy In Washington, DC


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A group of protesters surrounded the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., as the country descends into chaos.

The signs and chants included phrases such as: “hands off Venezuela” and “no coup, no war.”

After Venezuela interim president Juan Guaido called for the ouster of dictator Nicolas Maduro earlier Tuesday, violence broke out throughout the country Tuesday with Maduro’s military and the opposition military fighting against each other.

Some have accused Guaido of leading a coup and are urging against American intervention after President Donald Trump formally endorsed Guaido and several U.S. leaders declared support for the uprising. (RELATED: Venezuela Banned Private Gun Ownership Awhile Ago)

There are also pro-Guaido protests occurring in the United States, including one in Miami, Flordia, which is home to millions of families who fled Latin American communism.

Counterprotests from Guaido supporters are also occurring at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C.

The United States was one of several countries to recognize Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela earlier this year. Guaido declared himself president in January after Maduro won what many described as a “rigged” election last year.

Since becoming president, Maduro has consolidated power in an attempt to rule Venezuela with an iron fist. Maduro created an unconstitutional “constituent assembly,” and has accused Guaido and other opposition leaders of “treason.”

The country has faced mass food shortages and dramatic poverty increases under Maduro’s leadership.

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