‘Act Of Moral Illiteracy’: Code Pink Slammed For Defending Venezuela’s Maduro

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Code Pink faced backlash Thursday and Friday as the activist group holed up in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., claiming to hold the territory for dictator Nicolas Maduro.

“[Code Pink] is a harmless joke of an organization. But this LARPing at the Venezuelan embassy is mildly sinister. Millions of Venezuelans struggle for free and fair elections. And Code Pink defends Venezuela’s tyrant,” Bloomberg opinion columnist Eli Lake tweeted, “Call this stunt what it is, an act of moral illiteracy.”

The U.S. State Department ordered Venezuelan diplomats representing the Maduro regime to return to Venezuela, recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of the Venezuelan people — and Code Pink activists took over the vacated building, saying that they had permission from the “legitimate president” to stay there.

But because the U.S. officially recognizes Guaido as the interim president, for representatives of the unrecognized Maduro regime cannot legally reside within the Venezuelan embassy in Washington.

The State Department issued a statement Thursday calling for the protesters to vacate the building.

Any unauthorized individuals on the property are trespassers.

The Venezuelan government, led by interim President Juan Guaido, has legal authority over the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C. We encourage the remaining unauthorized individuals to vacate the building and to conduct any future protest peacefully and through legal means.

Tom Rogan writes for the Washington Examiner:

Title 18, Chapter 7, Section 112-B of the U.S. criminal code makes it a federal offense to interfere with the lawful activities of a foreign diplomatic officer or facility.

Rogan also noted in his article the irony in the group’s claim to be fighting against “American imperialism” while simultaneously “unlawfully occupying a foreign embassy without its government’s permission.”

Republican Colorado Rep. Scott Tipton sent a letter directly to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, urging him to have the pro-Maduro protesters removed. (RELATED: Code Pink Protesters Removed From Pompeo Confirmation Hearing)

But Code Pink has shown no sign of movement. When Guaido’s appointed representative, Gustavo Tarre Briceño, arrived at the Georgetown building, he was called an “assassin” and a “puppet of the U.S. government.”

The group also put out a call for reinforcements, saying, “To all who care about protecting international law & preventing another catastrophic US regime change operation: COME TO THE VENEZUELAN EMBASSY IN DC TOMORROW!”

Code Pink’s assertion that the U.S. is responsible for the chaos and “devastation” in Venezuela — and the demand that military action be avoided at all costs, has been echoed by embattled Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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