Get All Of The Features Of A Fitbit For Under $30

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Today’s fitness trackers do more than just count steps. The ActivePro Fitness Tracker measures your heart rate, distance traveled, speed, calories burned, and even your sleep schedule. Customize the tracker to meet and exceed your fitness goals. Save over $100 on the ActivePro Fitness Tracker in the Daily Caller shop today.

Get your fitness tracker today and start your fitness journey off right

Get your fitness tracker today and start your fitness journey off right

Save big and take 80% off this ActivePro Fitness Tracker on sale in the Daily Caller Shop today! 

Almost any type of exercise can be evaluated with the ActivePro including running, cycling, hiking, basketball, tennis, yoga, dancing, and more. The ActivePro Fitness Tracker isn’t just for heavy workout days – use it to measure your resting heart rate and sleep patterns. Set reminders to step back from your desk and walk around during the workday. ActivePro can even replace your smartphone by alerting you to text messages, calls, and even notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more. A FitBit or Apple Watch with similar features can cost hundreds of dollars but the ActivePro Fitness Trackeris under $30.

Start your fitness journey today by purchasing the ActivePro Fitness Tracker on sale in the Daily Caller shop. Save 80% for a final price of $29.99.

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