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Afternoon Mirror: THIS Is The Kind Of Apology A Mark Halperin Accuser Wants (But It’ll Never Happen)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I have clearly hit middle age. My kid is offended I said something was moist. I have no idea.” 

Erick Erickson, conservative pundit and founder of The Resurgent.

Mood: “My firm position on social media bans continues to be that Twitter and Facebook should permanently ban all accounts, from everyone, forever.”

Peter Suderman. writer, editor,

Travel Bitches 

“Mom, dad, and I are seated in the very last row on the airplane right next to the bathroom. Mom is claustrophobic. Dad likes talking to flight attendants and strangers about airplanes. So begins the adventure.” — Chasten Buttigieg, husband to 2020 hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

‘You Were At My Wedding, Denise!’ has something to say 

“Will I be rehired by my friends @FDRLST? Yes or no?”

Denise McAllister, who was fired from The Federalist in March after she directed some anti-gay related tweets at gay freelancer Yashar Ali. Early Wednesday morning, The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech tweet-raged at comedian Seth Meyers, for giving his wife, Meghan McCain, a hard time on his show Tuesday night. One tweet, which has been deleted, involved the Meyers gargling SNL Lorne Michael‘s balls. Domenech has since apologized. (RELATED: Meghan McCain’s Hubby Defends Her In Middle Of The Night Tweet-Storm)

Mediaite editor gives Trump free advice 

“Stay in your lane brother. This is @mediaite’s game.” — Colby Hall, Mediaite, tweeting at President Trump who tweeted about a segment on Fox & Friends.

On that questionable ‘Archie’ royal baby name 

“Your royal baby name is the name of the street you grew up on followed by the town or neighborhood just to the south of yours, a hyphen and the brand of shoes you wear to work.” — Josh Greenman, opinion editor, New York Daily News.

Journo questions sincerity of the modern Mel Gibson 

“My friends in recovery are among the bravest people I know. But you know the difference between them & Mel Gibson? They see mistakes they made when they were using as part of their story. They don’t get annoyed when people bring it up, they see it as a lesson they learned.” — Yashar Ali, freelancer, HuffPost, New York Mag.

THIS is the kind of apology a Mark Halperin accuser wants 

“[Dianna] May says that if they ever did speak, she would want him to specifically and clearly acknowledge her accusations, with a statement like, ‘Dianna, I can’t believe I had you come sit on my lap. I can’t imagine how awful that made you feel. I can’t believe how I abused my position of authority when you were just trying to do your job.” May, now a Denver-based attorney, co-founded Press Forward, a nonpartisan, independent organization that seeks to change the culture of newsrooms, with an emphasis on inclusion and safety.”

Vanity Fair‘s Rachel Dodes has written a must-read piece about the purported return of Mark Halperin and ex-Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.). (RELATED: Mark Halperin’s Incessant, Annoying Apologizing Needs To Stop)

GROSS: On Wednesday, Halperin announced an upcoming hit on Michael Smerconish’s SiriusXM radio program. “In moments: Joining @smerconish on @SXMPOTUS @SIRUSXM to talk  @realDonaldTrump tax returns, @nytimes story, the public, and Congress.”

Gossip Roundup 

Writer has no sympathy for ex-Trump employees who get shit on after they leave the White House. Here.

Journo at jury selection contemplates using Trump to get him out of it. “At jury selection rn, should I tell the judge that the president says snitching should be outlawed.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast.

Hollywood actress wants to ditch Senate Maj. Leader Mitch (McConnell): “Who died and made #QueenTurtle king? Mitch says “case closed” on the Mueller investigation. Why should anyone listen to that old, unreconstructed Confederate #MitchMcConnell? Obstructionist, REGRESSIVE & happiest when he’s separating children from their parents. #LETSDITCHMITCH”

Michael Cohen and those dirty Falwell pics: “’It is unclear what the photos allegedly depicted. Cohen described the images as ‘photos between husband, wife, and the whole bit.’ The whole bit?” — WaPo‘s Paul Farhi. Read the WaPo piece here.

George Clooney pushes for the media to be nice to Meghan Markle. Here.

The Federalist’s Ben Domenech tells Mediaite that the “gargling balls” insult for Seth Meyers was a metaphor. Here.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an anti-vaxxer. Here.

Bachelorette contestant is a father 114 over. Yes, he’s a sperm bank volunteer. Here.