Naked Drug Addict Allegedly Attacks Baby In Stroller, Bystanders Step In To Help

(Atlantic County Justice Facility)

Matt M. Miller Contributor
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A drug-addled, naked New Jersey man allegedly attacked a baby boy in a stroller on Caspian Avenue in Atlantic City on Monday, according to police.

Stephon Whitfield, 28, was reportedly not wearing any clothes when he approached a women pushing a nine-month-old infant in a stroller around 9 p.m. on Caspian Avenue. He then proceeded to grab the infant and slammed it down in the stroller, according to a criminal complaint obtained by NBC10.

Video obtained by NBC10 shows bystanders jumping into action to protect the baby and pull Whitfield away, who then proceeded to beat him up. (RELATED: Naked Man Tries To Board Airplane, Claims Being Undressed Makes Him More ‘Aerodynamic’)

Doctors treated the infant for “non-life threatening” scratches and bruising on his face as well as a lost tooth following the incident, NBC10 reports.

Police responded to a call in the area regarding a naked man knocking on apartment doors. Police say that they found Whitfield at the scene, “naked, yelling and bleeding”.

Witnesses told police that prior to Whitfield’s attack on the baby, he was attempting to break into someone’s car. It is suspected that Whitfield was under the influence of PCP during the incident.

Officers arrested Whitfield, reportedly taking him in for medical testing. It is unclear if Whitfield has an attorney who can represent him.