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Eric Swalwell Has A Mild Peanut Butter Fetish

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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As fetishes go, it’s not the weirdest — but it’s not the most normal either.

This week, Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) raised the issue of peanut butter twice when discussing his personal habits and preferences. He also says he’s all for legalizing weed. The two are not related, but one may make the other taste better.

On Monday night at 10:36 p.m., Swalwell, 38, divulged that his go to late-night snack is a spoonful of peanut butter. He said he’s trying to be healthy, so he’s eating Reduced Fat Jif, which, it turns out, is not all that healthy for you.

The Mirror got a raft of shit for raising Swalwell’s peanut butter propensity as a lame way to try to own him with a “hit piece.” The Twitter mob attacked me for my assumed politics and questioned my entire journalism career. They even sarcastically  suggested I should win a Pulitzer for my peanut butter journalism. (RELATED: Swalwell Tweets About His Late-Night Peanut Butter Habit) 

A Hillary-supporting Democratic lashed out at my publication, saying, “Daily Caller should change its name to Daily Bullsh!t.”

Someone named “Flaming Lunatic” tried to shame me. “Honestly you have time to do a deep dive into a candidate’s love for peanut butter, but can’t find the time to write about the narcissistic fool in the WH who’s destroying our country. Take you’re journalistic skills and apply them better We are under attack and all you’re doing is O.”

Note to Flaming Lunatic: It’s hilarious you think my story was a “deep dive” into Swalwell’s love of peanut butter. But are you kidding? I haven’t even gotten started.

I couldn’t agree more about winning an award for such a story. But I disagree that I was writing a hit piece. The point was to put a spotlight on the unusual things politicians say and do when they run for president. This week Beto O’Rourke, a former congressman and another Democratic 2020 hopeful, broadcast himself getting a haircut and made sure to note that he was getting his ear hair trimmed, a gross grooming detail men sometimes deal with as they age.

President Trump recently poked Beto, asking, “What the hell happened to Beto?”(RELATED: Trump Mocks Beto At A Rally)

Another Democratic voter called me a “propagandist.”

Swalwell’s Monday tweeting about peanut butter wasn’t apparently enough.

By Thursday night, he had another hankering for the sticky stuff.

During an “AskEricAnything” Twitterview, a follower asked him to name his favorite ice cream flavor.

Do I even need to tell you what it is?

“Peanut butter,” he replied. “Now you’re really getting the inside scoop.”

Get it — the scoop?

Next up: Pizza.

A follower asked, “What is your opinion of pineapple pizza?”

Swalwell replied, “When I eat pizza, I like to tropic like it’s hot.” (This is a reference to a 2004 Snoop Dogg song featuring Pharrell. The phrase “drop it like it’s hot” refers to a dance move in which a woman bends over to put her derrière on display.)

Asked if he’d pardon first time offenders who are in prison on marijuana-related crimes, Swalwell said “yes.”

Is he “cool” with the gay community? “I’m cool with anyone who doesn’t hate people for just being who they are,” he wrote.

The last question that struck me involved Swalwell’s campaign travel plans.

“Will you visit every state during your campaign, Eric?”

“Hell yeah,” he replied.

Let’s hope his fans give him as much peanut butter as he can handle along the way.