Jerry Jones Says Contract Talks With Dak Prescott Are ‘Going Well’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is very happy with where things are headed with Dak Prescott’s contract extension.

The young quarterback is due for a new deal, and both sides have been doing everything in their respective powers to get something done. It sounds like a deal will happen sooner rather than later.


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“I’d generally say going well. These things never have a definitive answer. Because you never know if you’ve done it until you’ve done it,” Jones told the media Wednesday, according to

According to the same report, Prescott is “targeting” a deal with an annual value of $30 million.


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Dak deserves a hell of a lot more money than the $2 million he’s set to make this year. That’s something I think everybody agrees on. (RELATED: Jerry Jones Says The Cowboys Are ‘Sold’ On Quarterback Dak Prescott)

After this upcoming season, he’ll only have made just under $5 million through four seasons as a starter in the NFL. He’s certainly worth more cash than that amount, but the Cowboys might want to pump the brakes on throwing Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers or Matthew Stafford kind of money his way.


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Prescott is young and talented, but he hasn’t won anything important yet. He doesn’t have a deep playoff run under his belt and he absolutely doesn’t have a ring.

From a pure business standpoint, why would you pay somebody the kind of money Russell Wilson gets when he doesn’t have a fraction of the accomplishments?

This is America, and we pay people based on what they can do and what they’ve proven they’re capable of. You know why Russell Wilson is the highest paid player in the NFL? It’s because the Seahawks would collapse without him.

Would the Cowboys collapse without Dak Prescott? I’m inclined to think they wouldn’t. The Cowboys should break him off no more than $25 million a season. Anything more than that and they’re greatly overpaying for a quarterback without a proven history of postseason success.

Jerry Jones is a genius, but that’d be a bad business move.

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