Man Bitten By Rabid Bat Hiding In His iPad

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Logan Hall Contributor
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An elderly man from New Hampshire had to go to the hospital after receiving a bite from a bat, according to ABC7. The bat hid himself between the inside of his iPad case and the back of his iPad.

Roy Syvertson was relaxing in his living room and using the electronic device when he realized something was trying to get out of the cover. After further inspection, the bat gave him a bite that he said “felt like a little bee sting.” Syvertson clamped down on the case to make sure that the winged mammal didn’t start flying around his house. (RELATED: Man Fights Pig, Loses) 

The bat was still present outside his house the morning after he released him from the confines of his iPad. Authorities advised Roy to go to the hospital to begin treatment for rabies.

Unfortunately, the bat was rabid and tested positive, but Syvertson is on the road to recovery.

Mr. Syvertson wants everyone to remember to check their electronic devices before it’s too late.

Logan Hall