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Man Fights Pig, Loses

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If you’re like me — and if you’re reading this, I regret to inform you that you’re more like me than you care to admit — you love the great taste of pig. Bacon, ham, sausage, spare ribs, tenderloin… it’s all good! Nutritious and delicious. Pigs are meant to be eaten.

However, they’re not meant to be beaten. Corey Charlton, The Sun:

A farmer has died after he brawled with a pig that bit him in the testicles and tore off three of his fingers, it has been reported.

The bizarre incident is said to have occurred in the town of San Lucas Ojitlan, in south-western Mexico.

El Debate reported that farmer Miguel Anaya Pablo, 60, died from an infection caused by the wounds he suffered during the brawl.

That is one puerco loco.

This is why I always say: Animals are dumb. They’re our enemies. You can’t trust ’em. They’ll turn on you in a second. And if you try to go toe-to-hoof with one, it might not go the way you planned. Sometimes the pork chops back.

(Hat tip: Burge)