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You’ll Never Believe The Dumb Things That SHOCK CNN’s Chris CilliZzzza


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN politics reporter Chris Cillizza may be the most easily shocked man in Washington. In a BuzzFeed-esque post Friday, he named the “25 most shocking lines from Donald’s Trump [sic] interview with Laura Ingraham.”

First of all, the headline is all fucked up:



Secondly, does Donald own his own interview?

Are “Donald” and “Trump” two different people?

And why is a reporter referring to a sitting president by his first name?

Would Cillizza have written, “10 shocking lines from Barack Obama” as opposed to “President Obama?” Or former Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush and so on. The answer is: not a chance.

In his first graf, he dings Trump for not being presidential enough. He writes that Trump “generally comported himself in ways that no one would mistake for presidential behavior.”

So let’s get down to what Cillizza, who generally comports himself in ways that no one would mistake for unbiased journalism, found SHOCKING. (RELATED: CNN Correspondent Kisses His Kids On the Lips)

Trump said there was “beautiful weather.” The CNN-er goes on to be shocked that Trump again says the weather is “pretty beautiful.” Unlike how Cillizza framed it, Trump is not taking credit for Mother Nature. (Not that that’s beneath him, but he didn’t do it in this interview.)

Moving on, Cillizza is shocked that Trump bashes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has reportedly been saying she wants the president in prison. He calls her a “nasty, vindictive, horrible person.” He also calls her “Nervous Nancy.” These two shockers are right on par for what Trump would say about anyone who wanted to imprison him.

Cillizza once again scolds Trump for saying these things at Normandy: “Said the President of the United States about the speaker of the US House in a foreign country with thousands of grave markers in the background of this TV shot.”

During his interview with Ingraham, Trump goes on to call Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “Crying Schumer” and a “political jerk.” Again, not too surprising. He has mocked Schumer’s crying before.

Number 24 has Trump boasting about the United States being “the best” and “the strongest.” Nothing to see here, really.

And finally, Cillizza is just SHOCKED that Trump would brag about his time with Queen Elizabeth, suggesting that “some” said they’ve never seen the Queen have a better time.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan actually did suggest this, saying she was probably more amused with Trump than the other political bores she has to encounter. “I think the Queen rather likes President Trump,” Morgan tweeted earlier in the week. “Bet he makes her laugh more than most of the dreary politicians she has to meet.”

This is as good a time as any to point out that Cillizza once wrote “The 26 wildest lines from Donald Trump’s Daily Caller interview.” Here’s that interview so you can see how WILD it was.

Memo to Cillizza: Trump self-boasting is not abnormal for him.

He’s been doing it for decades.

But right, we’re all having heart attacks because it’s just so SHOCKING.