David Ortiz Shot In The Dominican Republic, Chilling Surveillance Video Surfaces On Twitter

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz was shot late Sunday night in the Dominican Republic.

According to ESPN, Ortiz had to have part of his intestines and colon removed along with his gallbladder after he was fired upon at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo. There was also reportedly damage to his liver. His father told the media he is “stable” and “resting.”

The suspected gunman is in custody and was also apparently beaten by a local crowd of witnesses. In the surveillance video, a man can be seen walking up from behind and shooting the former MLB star in the back. (RELATED: The Red Sox Left A Massive Tip At A Club After Winning The World Series. Here’s How Much It Was)

Some outlets have described the shooting as robbery, but the video doesn’t appear to tell that story at all. It appears much more like a targeted hit and there was at no point any standup or anything of that nature. You can watch the video below.

All things considered, Ortiz is insanely lucky to still be alive. The guy who shot him must have some of the worst aim in the history of shooters. He was at point blank range and is still alive. Ortiz should say a prayer and thank God for looking out for him.

This situation easily could have gone a very different way.

As for the unnamed man in custody as the suspected shooter, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. Ortiz, who won three World Series rings, is a legend in the Dominican Republic. He’s arguably the most famous man from the country.

You can tell how upset people are by the fact they reportedly beat the suspect in the streets. According to ESPN, the police now have to wait until he’s received medical treatment before they can even question the suspected shooter.

I don’t know much about the justice system they have down there, but this guy might be in a world of trouble.


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Check back for more details on this developing situation, and let’s all hope the Red Sox legend makes it through without any complications.