Fight Breaks Out At Colorado Youth Baseball Game

Rob Carr/Getty Images

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A massive brawl involving fans from both teams at a Colorado youth baseball game broke out after an adult argued with the game’s 13-year-old umpire.

Video of the fight shows fans are shoving each other while several other aggressive parents throw punches and push people against the backstop fence. (RELATED: Fan Catches Baseball With One Hand During The College World Series, Slams His Beer To Celebrate)


As you can see, women and men are shown involved in the skirmish behind the plate. Several injuries were reported from the event.

Parents at their child’s sporting event should do one thing: watch the game. No matter how horrible the officiating is or how annoying the other team’s fans are, this is not a good example of teaching a lesson on sportsmanship to your son or daughter.

Not only is this occurring at a youth sporting event, but the field is right next to an elementary school for crying out loud. Not a good look for the parents and I expect the Lakewood Police Department to enforce a strong punishment.