TIME Magazine Really Wants People To Know The Trump TIME Video Wasn’t Real

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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TIME Magazine sought to clarify a “manipulated” tweet from President Donald Trump Saturday.

Trump tweeted an animation Friday that jokingly implied he would be president forever. The magazine replied to Trump’s tweet with the original animation from last year. (RELATED: Trump Tweets ‘Dark Knight-‘ Themed Re-Election Video)

Trump’s original tweet outraged many liberals, with some claiming that the president’s facetious tweet demonstrated a lack of respect for constitutional term limits. (RELATED: Ocasio-Cortez Claims Republicans Passed Term Limits To Prevent FDR From Running Again)

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff— a frequent Trump nemesis— called Trump’s tweet a “fantasy,” and predicted that the president wouldn’t even get one more term.

Liberal Journalist Kenneth Vogel took offense to the tweet and made note of the 22nd amendment, which prevents any president from serving more than two terms in office.

Others echoed the same sentiment.

Trump has frequently used social media (and specifically Twitter) to “troll” his political opponents through memes and videos.