Barry Sanders Says The Lions And Calvin Johnson Will ‘Probably’ Fix The Situation ‘Over Time’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Barry Sanders sounds optimistic that the Detroit Lions and Calvin Johnson will eventually repair their relationship.

Johnson and the Lions have been on icy terms ever since he had to repay part of his signing bonus after retiring. The former superstar receiver has also made it clear he wants his signing bonus back in order to fix the relationship between himself and his former team. Well, Barry Sanders thinks it could happen.

Sanders told the Detroit Free Press the following when discussing the situation:

Hey, that’s a tough check to write. In the NFL you realize it’s a business and they have to handle things on their side of it the way that they do. So I don’t have any advice other than I think over time then you’ll probably see the two sides come together. You think they’d be able to reach some agreement. But I wish Calvin well. We’d love to have him back around, especially the fans, what have you.

As I’ve said many times before, I hope like hell the Lions and Johnson come back together and fix this whole situation. (RELATED: Detroit Lions Will Try To Fix The Relationship With Calvin Johnson)

He was the greatest receiver in team history and might be the most physically gifted receiver in the history of football. Despite the fact he burned his body for the team, they still had him pay back signing bonus money.

That’s incredibly rare in the NFL when it comes to star players. I don’t blame Johnson at all for being upset, especially after how much of a beating his body took over the years.


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I might be a huge Lions fan, but I’m absolutely on Johnson’s side here. It’s not even close for me. That man put his body on the line for years for Detroit, and they didn’t show him the respect he deserved and earned.

Cut him a big check, bring him back into the fold and just get this whole situation smoothed over.