50 Cent Celebrates His Birthday With Gift Of $10K Worth Of Alcohol From Fan

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for STARZ Entertainment LLC.)

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A superfan gifted rapper 50 Cent with $10,000 worth of alcohol for his birthday.

50 Cent had a birthday celebration Monday night at a Miami nightclub, according to a report published Tuesday by Page Six. His actual birthday was two days before his celebration.

A fan at the bar reportedly sent the “Candy Shop” rapper $10,000 worth of alcohol, sources at the Miami club Rockwell said.

“He enjoyed the gift,” the source told Page Six. “He was dancing and partying when the parade arrived and seemed extremely happy all night long.”

“Everyone knew 50 was in the building as parade after parade kept coming to his table,” the insider continued. (RELATED: Even 50 Cent Is Upset With Big Tech’s Censorship)

50 Cent reportedly showed up to the bar around 2 a.m. and after drinking in his VIP section took over the stage to perform some of his hit songs. The performance included “How We Do,” “Wanksta,” “21 Questions” and “Down On Me.”

A fan sending 50 Cent $10K worth of alcohol seems like a waste of money to me. 50 Cent can obviously drop that much money on alcohol and not even feel it in his bank account. I guess if the fan was willing to spend that much money on 50 Cent then they probably have just as much money.

I think I’d rather have a personal experience with him though. Suggesting shots sounds like a better tactic than just sending a bunch of alcohol. Still, partying with 50 Cent on his birthday sounds like it’d be the coolest thing I would ever get to do in my life if it happened to me.