REPORT: Meghan McCain ‘Feels Like She Is Going To War’ On ‘The View’

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Media personality Meghan McCain reportedly does not like the drama that follows her on “The View.”

After McCain made headlines for a heated disagreement on the show, a source told Entertainment Tonight that there definitely is tension between McCain and the other hosts. Another recent report said that McCain feels like “a caged animal.”

“Meghan is in a tough position. She has a completely different view from the others and she isn’t willing to acquiesce,” the source said in a report published Tuesday. “Joy and Whoopi aren’t offended by her standing her ground, because that’s part of the show. But Meghan also fights back harder than the other hosts would like.”

Despite the public disagreements, the source claimed McCain dislikes the negative attention she receives. (RELATED: Is Meghan McCain Done With ‘The View’? She Allegedly Feels Like ‘A Caged Animal’)

“Meghan hates the negative attention the show has brought to her lately and every day feels like she is going to war,” the source said. “She certainly is valued for some of her opinions. All the drama keeps the show a ratings hit so, despite her behavior, it won’t likely put her job in jeopardy.”

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The Daily Beast reported earlier this month that McCain could be leaving the show. However, the source said McCain probably won’t leave the show because of the platform it gives her as the only conservative-leaning host.

“She does not want to leave the show because she knows it is such a great platform for her,” the source added. “She always acts like she wants to leave but that’s just her using her muscle because she’s a draw for the ratings.”