Dan Bilzerian Rips Into United Airlines On Twitter For Overselling Flights

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Internet personality and gambler Dan Bilzerian ripped into United Airlines for overselling seats on its flights Tuesday.

Bilzerian, 38, was not happy with the airline company after they oversold seats on a flight, according to his post on Twitter.

“United is such a dogshit airline, it should be illegal for these dumb fucks to over sell a flight,” Bilzerian tweeted. “If u got 300 seats how the fuck you gonna sell 310 and just say we didnt think everyone would show up. These mistakes have serious implications, y’all fucking up the ratio on my yacht.” (RELATED: Dan Bilzerian Feeds A Grizzly Bear In Viral Video)

One user attempted to explain why an airline would oversell tickets responding, “Every airline oversells including @united and its based on the math of no shows which are more prevelant than you would imagine. The aviation business one of the most difficult to manage profitably of any type in the world. UA does as good a job as any US carrier..”

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Bilzerian absolutely kills me. Most of the time I really dislike when people tweet ranting at airlines. The internet just seems like the most pointless place to complain to.

Everyone knows airlines just suck and you have to be prepared for the bullshit that goes down there. However, Bilzerian’s “serious implications” include his female to male ratio on his mega yacht to be skewed and I love that for him.

There should be more airline rant tweets like Bilzerian’s.