CNN Panelist Claims Moderate ‘Real Americans Drinking Coffee’ Are ‘Mythical Unicorns’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A Sunday morning “State of the Union” panel on CNN got heated when the New York Times’ Wajahat Ali squared off with S.E. Cupp over the Democratic Party’s struggles to reach “real Americans” in the middle.

“Democrats always bring a plastic straw to a gunfight — And they always stab themselves,” Ali began. “Republicans bring a bazooka and kill everyone, including their own base … Democrats are always hijacked by the Republican base. They’re always chasing this mythical moderate unicorn ordinary American drinking real coffee in the real diner that they never met before, and the right shifted so far to the right it’s dragged the center with it, right?”

As Ali continued, followed by a response from former Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Rick. Santorum, Cupp’s eyes got larger and larger until she had to jump in.


“The folks not for Medicare for all are for a public option and the folks for the public option, Cory Booker said it’s a ramp to where we want to go which is eliminating private health care,” Santorum noted with a smile. “You want to give free tuition to everybody and by the way, everybody who has loans, we’ll wipe out those loans and all these people, 74% of Americans who don’t have college degrees, you’ll pay for it. You wonder why the guy drinking a cup of coffee doesn’t want the Democrats to be in charge.” (RELATED: ‘Trying To Out-Left Each Other’: CNN Panel Goes Off The Rails In Debate Recap)

That was when Cupp jumped in, arguing that the real problem was that the moderate people drinking coffee were not “mythical unicorns” as Ali had claimed, but real people — and that those real people were the reason that President Donald Trump was elected.

“The problem is with what he said. It’s not a person in the middle of the country drinking real coffee you never met. The problem is you’ve never met them,” Cupp said. “They are real and they are the reason Donald Trump won because the Democratic Party have left so many of those behind and so did the Republican Party, by the way.”

Cupp then pointed out the fact that Republicans appeared to be doing a better job at reaching out to “real people,” saying that the Democrats had moved left and would sabotage their own chances if they continued to move in that direction.

“The party trying to reach out to them at the moment is the Republican Party and the Democrats have an opportunity but they are going to kill it with decriminalizing the border and abolishing private health insurance,” Cupp concluded.