‘Trying To Out-Left Each Other’: CNN Panel Goes Off The Rails In Debate Recap

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A CNN panel recapping the first Democratic debates turned into a free-for-all during a segment of Sunday morning’s “State of the Union.”

After lobbyist David Urban suggested that both debates this past week had showcased the Democratic candidates attempting to “out-left each other,” the other panelists jumped in, talking over each other and accusing him of bringing up “crazy right-wing talking points.”


“So as long as we saw the same tone and tenor in that debate where everybody is trying to out-left each other, and you heard Mike Shields on today saying that most of middle America, they listen to stuff and they’re rolling their eyes going, ‘what are you peopling talking about?'” Urban began. “Like, this Democratic field cannot get further to the left of one another. And as long as that occurs, there is nobody up there that will beat Donald Trump, I promise you that. I promise you that. I promise you.”

Jess McIntosh was the first to challenge Urban, arguing that he was painting policies as “super-lefty” when she felt that they were more mainstream than he was admitting. “This erroneous idea that the policies are being perceived or portrayed are super lefty are enjoying widespread …” she said. (RELATED: Here Are The 11 Standout Moments From The Second Democratic Debate In Miami)

“Stop! This is a network that believes in facts,” Urban continued, after pointing out that several Democratic candidates had advocated for the end of all private insurance. “Let’s get rid of ICE and have open borders …”

McIntosh was joined in protest by CNN’s Bakari Sellers, who argued that no one was trying to ban supplemental insurance and referred to the idea of open borders as a “crazy right-wing talking point.”