Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats In Panic Mode As Party Reaches The ‘Most Left-Wing Position Possible’ On Immigration

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Conservative author Victor Davis Hanson said Democrats have reached the “most left-wing position possible” on immigration.

Speaking on the topic during a Monday night discussion on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Hanson speculated that the de facto open-borders position shared by all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates could create a problem for a party that hopes to win in swing states where their positions are not shared by a majority.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson introduced the segment by noting that a majority of Americans of all races are against illegal aliens getting health care as well as decriminalizing crossing the border.

“It’s not a racial question despite what they tell you on Twitter,” Carlson said. “It is just a lunatic idea, and most people of all backgrounds know that. Americans don’t hate immigrants.”

Bringing in Hansen, Carlson asked for a response to the notion that Democratic candidates “lecture” about being “a nation of laws” despite ignoring border law.

“Well, first, I know they are never subject to their own ramifications,” Hansen responded, observing that the liberal elites live in “gated communities” far from the places illegal immigration affects.

Hansen added that Democratic voters, including Hispanics and African-Americans in many swing states “are not even for open borders,” creating a problem for Democrats who want to win national office.

“I think when you are outside the bubble, the thinkers or the policy analysts or the strategists of the Democratic Party to say, ‘okay, you guys, we have reached the theoretical most hard left position.’ It’s no longer a question of Democrats sort of giving concessions on border security for amnesty and conservatives saying we will give some amnesty for security, this is crazy.”

To Hanson, “you can’t go any further existentially” than calling for the abolishment of ICE people like Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker literally “escorting people across the border.” (RELATED: Tucker: Democrats Oppose Trump’s Immigration Plan Because They Want To ‘Import Serfs’)

“You can’t get theoretically further to the left,” he said. “They are already there. And it results in nihilism, because that position means there is no more sovereignty. You are just part of Mexico … So people in the Democratic Party are saying ‘Wow, these guys on the debate platforms go to the left and they have reached the most left-wing position possible.’ How can you go further left than where we are now without total nihilism?”

“They are looking at the polls in these Electoral College states and, as you said, they are panicking,” Hanson concluded.

Carlson ended the segment by nothing that Democrats’ position is “literally to the left of the Mexican government, which has abetted illegal immigration for many decades. That is how radical they are.”