‘De Facto Marketing Division Of The DNC’ — Donald Trump Jr. Rips Liberal Media In Fiery Response To Mueller Testimony

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Donald Trump Jr. criticized former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a “figurehead” whose operation was run by partisans controlled by Democrats and supported by a liberal media who serves as a “de facto marketing division of the DNC.”

Responding live for the first time since Mueller’s Wednesday testimony on Thursday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Trump Jr. reacted to the two House Committee hearings that were, taken together, considered a bad day for Democrats and a win for President Donald Trump.


Trump Jr. likened the fact that Mueller appeared not to know about Fusion GPS after two years and “almost $50 million” to “a builder talking about not understanding what a foundation is.”

“This was a hoax set up by the Democrats from moment number one,” Trump Jr. said. “It wasn’t true. This investigation wasn’t about trying to figure out what happened. It was trying to back into the result that they wanted. They couldn’t do that because there was nothing there, but they drug people through the mud for two years.”

Sarcastically observing that Democrats apparently think the president “needed to leave his lifestyle of luxury to go work for the Russians,” Trump Jr. expressed his feeling that Mueller’s appearance allowed the “American public” to see “that [Mueller] was put in there as a figurehead.”

“He had no idea who was running the ship,” said Trump Jr. “The inmates were running the asylum, and those inmates were the Democratic Party who were doing whatever they could to destroy my father’s presidency because he’s actually getting things done.” (RELATED: Fox News Anchor Contacted 70 House Dems To Appear On Her Show After Mueller Hearing. No One Responded)

Trump Jr. challenged Democrats to “do something for Americans for a change. Not for their power base, not for the political elite, not for their nonsense crazy ideas that they are running with these days, but for actual hardworking Americans.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Trump Jr. if he’s surprised about the fact that Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are still issuing subpoenas and stating the belief that the president is “working for Russia.”

“No, Tucker, because this is all they have,” he said. “They have banked their entire reputation on it. Remember, it started off as collusion, then it was going to be obstruction, then it was a cover-up, then it’s gonna be the Southern District of New York. Then, Mueller is going to be the savior, we are going to get him this time. They just keep doubling down. Again, because there’s no one that’s willing to hold them accountable.”

Trump Jr. said that, other than Carlson, Sean Hannity, and others, “the mainstream media will still by and large run with just about anything that they tell them.”

“They don’t have to be fact-based,” he concluded. “There doesn’t have to be any evidence as long as they say it. That’s all that they need because the mainstream media has become the de facto marketing division of the DNC.”