Trevor Bauer Tosses Ball At Centerfield Wall After Terrible Inning

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

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Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer ran into trouble in the bottom of the fifth inning on Sunday, blowing a two-run lead and eventually tossing the ball into centerfield in frustration before being taken out.

The throw to the centerfield wall is something you rarely see in baseball. Pitchers hate to be taken out of games as is, but it seemed Bauer couldn’t contain his anger. Bauer is known around the MLB as a pitcher who likes to express his personality and is a hot name on the market for the MLB trade deadline.

As always, here is a breakdown from famous YouTuber Jomboy Media:

As you can see in the video, the Indians pitcher had an inning with some extremely unlucky bounces and plays. He had a sure out with a flyball to centerfield but it wasn’t caught, a dribbler to the mound with enough spin to make it an impossible out and a liner to second base just past a diving glove.

If I was Bauer and all these things happened to me, I probably would have done the same thing. Bauer is receiving a ton of criticism for doing this, but I think it is exactly what the sport is missing. (RELATED: Justin Verlander Believes The MLB Is Juicing Baseballs)

He knows he pitched poorly, and instead of walking off the mound like a frightened puppy dog, he actually showcased his disappointment with his performance.

Bauer is exactly the type of pitcher I want on my team. Somebody who isn’t afraid to show some energy in a game that feels like it lasts an eternity.

It was pretty funny seeing manager Terry Francona angrily remove Bauer from the game while the pitcher immediately apologized. I know deep down inside Bauer wasn’t sorry, he loved every second of launching the baseball into centerfield.

Keep grinding Bauer, maybe you come over to the Philadelphia Phillies and fix the team’s awful pitching staff.

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